A Quick Take On Wigs: Choosing From Human Hair Wigs, Synthetic Hair Wigs And Hairpieces!

Wigs and hairpieces are undoubtedly the best man-made beauty enhancers. It is not always their different styles and shades that act as the deciding factors, but there are several other things you ought not to miss when shopping for a wig. Now before you get confused and end up shopping for a wrong wig, let’s take a quick sneak peek at the differences that make these wigs and hairpieces stand out from the rest.

•Synthetic Wigs- This pre-styled and pre-cut wig is made out of artificial or synthetic hair fibers. These come with high durability and glamorous looks yet non-realistic in its appearance. But if you are in a mood to steal the show with great looks and colors in a very short period of time, then it is the best deal to go with the synthetic hair wigs.

They not only come with affordable price tags but are also very easy to install on the scalp with low-cost maintenance and care. Heating treatments are allowed only if the synthetic wig is a heat resistant one. It requires to be washed frequently after use and hence needs to be restyled though restyling would require the assistance of a synthetic hair professional.

•Human Hair Wigs-


With great natural appearance and colors, here are the human hair wigs which are made out of real human hair. Since these are made at the cost of others’ natural hair, human hair wigs cost more. These, requiring a great deal of maintenance and care, if properly taken care of will last long. They even give you the freedom of styling and coloring the hair as per your desire without getting bothered about restyling after being washed just like your natural hair. Its natural hair fibers provide it with the ability to breathe.

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•Hair Pieces-


The hairpieces are those special add-on features or extensions that are to be used either on your real hair or along with any type of wigs that you use. These are made from either human hair or synthetic hair and hence are readily available in different styles and colors. If you have any specific portion of your scalp suffering from hair thinning or if you wish to regain your hair volume then hairpieces are ever ready to serve you right with your purpose, be it ponytails, hair bangs, hair buns, top pieces, etc. Unlike wigs, these are pretty easy to put on just with the help of clips.

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So, whether it is synthetic hair wigs or human hair wigs or hairpieces, it solely rests on your purpose of use and your choice that you are going to make. Like the two sides of a coin, there are both merits and demerits of a human hair wig, synthetic wigs, and hairpieces. Going into the demerits doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the innumerable benefits of these trendy fashion accessories. Make a choice because it’s you who is ultimately going to make the best of anything!

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